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Retail Prices to week ending 31st.March 2018


The retail prices below will act as a guide to the price you should be paying on your weekly shop at your butcher - supermarket.


Print them out and compare them as you shop to see if you are been offered a square deal


shop with us for top quality at a fair price.


We have a selection of over two hundred cuts, of fresh meats, cooked meats and manufactured meat products


all produced fresh daily.


Fresh free range Chickens £4.00p. per. KG.  fresh free range turkeys from 7 l/b. to 20 l/b. in weight at only 8.80p per KG.
Also fresh Ducks Rabbits Guinea Fowl Pigeons and Pheasants in season










Half a Wharfedale lamb for the freezer
approx. weight 10kg.
cut and packed to your own requirements
now only £5.50 per kg.

Retail cuts Lamb


Leg Lamb   10.95p. per. kg. 
Fillet Lamb   10.95p. per. kg. 
Shoulder Lamb   7.00p. per. kg. 
Leg Lamb Chops  14.00p. per. kg 
Breast Lamb    4.40p. per. kg. 
Neck Lamb    4.58p. per. kg. 
Best End Neck Lamb    6.00p. per. kg. 
Loin Lamb Chops    12.00p.  per. kg. 
Minced Lamb    16.00p. per. kg. 





Special offer for freezer owners,
not to be missed, a local fed fore quarter of beef approx. weight 65kg.
at only £4.20per. kg.
cut and packed to your own requirements

Retail Cuts Beef

Sirloin Steaks   22.00p. per. kg.
Hindlift Silverside Rump Joints    10.80p. per. kg. 
Sirloin on the Bone    12.00p. per Kg. 
Rolled Sirloin Joints   15.00p. per. kg. 
Best Rump Steak    15.00p. per. kg. 
Best Frying Steak   10.00p. per. kg. 
Fillet steaks   36.00p. per. kg. 
Shin of Beef    6.60p. per. kg. 
Beef Skirt    8.00p. per. kg. 
Best Braising Steak    8.20p. per. kg. 
Rolled Brisket    7.60p. per. kg. 
Flat Brisket   3.90p. per kg. 
Best Ribs Beef   15.00p. per. kg. 
Rands" Palace Ribs" (roasting)    7.60p. per. kg. 
Best Minced Steak    7.60p. per. kg. 

Special offer for freezer owners,
side of pork approx. weight 30kg. at only £2.60p per. kg.
cut and packed to your own requirements.

Retail cuts Pork


Leg of Pork  6.00p. per. kg. 
Fillet of Pork  6.50p. per. kg. 
Belly of Pork  3.80p. per. kg. 
Shoulder of Pork Rolled  4.98p. per. kg. 
Crop of Pork  4.98p. per. kg. 
Loin of Pork joint (rolled)  8.80p. per. kg. 
Pork Loin Chops  6.60p. per. kg. 
Pork Steaks  8.00p. per. kg. 
Minced Pork  7.60p. per. kg. 
Pork Tenderloin  11.00p. per. kg. 


All from top quality locally fed stock




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